37th Tomas Sola Trophy
(Basketball 2024)
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Each team has a number which is the key plotting of your team’s timetable from the Games Programme which will be provided.
2.) Throughout the Tournament each team may number 16 players, but may field only 12 per game. For the length of the Tournament a player may play only on one team. All players taking part in the Tournament must have names (cognoms), surnames (noms) and back number entered in the player's list (two copies, 1=original, 2=copy). Please, will the players sign in the space provided next to their surname. Please indicate the Captain with a *. Both lists of players must be handed in at the timekeeper's table before the first game. List 1 will be staying with the Tournament Organizers and list 2 must be collected from the timekeeper after each game and handed back before the next game. Names of players not being used in the game must also be given. Please bring the players passes to each game, junior players passes and passports.
3.) Each team is required to arrive at the appropriate hall 10 minutes before start of play and hand in the list of players to the judges. If at the start of play, the designated minimum number of players (5), as ruled, are not on the court, the team is declared to have lost the game (0-20). If this happens again, the team is banned from the Tournament.
4.) The eliminating games will be organized on a simple points basis with a maximum of 5 teams in a group. The first place winner of each group will go on to the next phase.
5.) Games will last for four parts of 10 minutes each. The clock will only be stopped in the last minute of last quarter. The break between the second and third quarter lasts 2 minutes, and each team is entitled to one time out (1 minute) in each quarter. In the event of a draw at the end of the game, extra time of 1 minute will be played, stopping the watch, without any break and without changing ends. If the draw continues, further extra times of 1 minute will be played. In the event of teams being level on points at the end of the groups, the winner will be decided as follows:
          a) If there are two teams level on points, the points (for winning or losing) gained for the games played between them will be taken into account. If both teams have the same number of points, the tie will be broken by the difference in the scores, for and against, in all the games played between them. If they continue to draw, the winner will be the team with the highest score in a game they won. If the tie continues, the same procedure will be applied, first of the scoring difference and then of the highest score in all the games played in the competition.
          b) If more than two teams are level on points, the tie will be broken by counting up, first of all, the points gained (winning/losing) in games played between them. Secondly, the scoring difference, for and against, in games played between them will be used. If the tie continues, the winner will be the team with the highest score in their favour in those games. Thereafter the general scoring difference will be applied first, followed by the highest favourable score in all the games played in the competition.
In any case, even taking into account the above points, if one of the teams drawing on points has lost one of the games played between them due to a sanction, withdrawal or being left with only one player on the court, whatever the result obtained, they will always occupy the last place in the classification established
6. a) After 4 fouls a player must be sent off.
6. b) A team is in a team foul penality situation when it has committed 5 team fouls in a period (free throws)
7.) The changeover will be a "flying change". The player wishing to be changed over, must first inform the timekeeping table. The changeover takes place in front of the timekeeping table on the middle line. A changeover may only be made by the team in possession of the ball. If the replacement player goes on the court before the retiring player leaves it, this will be marked as a technical fault against the team making the replacement wrongly.
8.) Any player who is given a red card in the game is automatically disqualified from the next game. If he/she receives a further red card, he/she is disqualified from the Tournament.
9.) Teams that behave unsportingly on or off the court will be punished, or could even be disqualified form the tournament.
10.) Throughout the game the only people allowed to sit on the player' s bench are the players, the trainer, the masseuse and a team official. If any of these people gets a red card, they must leave the court and, if ordered by the referee, must even leave the hall.
11.) Any protest must be made in writing. In addition a sum of 20 Euros must be deposited with the Tournament Committee which will not be refunded if the protest is not upheld.
12.) The Tournament Committee consists of 2 members of Malgrat-Bàsquet and a foreign representative from the Federacion Catalana de Basketball. The decisions of the Committee may not be challenged.
13.) Any situations not mentioned here will be decided by the rules of the FIBA and the FEB (the Spanish Basketball Federation).
14.) Each team is required to enquire from the Tournament Committee or its representative in the different halls, whether they have qualified for the quarter finals, or semifinals. (the teams will not be informed separately in the case of doubt). The Tournament Committee has its headquarter in the Malgrat Sport Center, telephone 93 761 17 50.
15.) The organizers are not be held responsible for robberies, losses or accidents of any kind. Every player must belong to a Basketball Association and be insured.
16.) Participation in this Tournament indicates acceptance of the above conditions.
17.) Categories Ladies and Girls: the matches will be played with a ball that is authorized by the Spanish Basketball Federation (a little smaller), at least during the matches between Foreign and Spanish teams.
18.) No mixed teams !

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